Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

What’s going on here?? This blog is confusing

I’m throwin’ a lot at you.

I cover one major music festival at a time. On the right, Under ARTISTS BY GENRE, I break down the entire lineup by category. To see the list of artists, the respective Spotify playlist and all write-ups pertaining to that genre, pull the drop down menu. A blurb pops up. Click the heading of that blurb. You now see everything related to that genre (category).

I post today’s news at the top of the page. After the day is done, I recycle that post to the back of the blog, so as to keep the information pertaining to the artists and the categories near the top.

Then there’s this dude/mascot/crazy ratty bunny looking thing, Wilbur. Basically he rules my life. My Wilbur tells me what to do. My Wilbur tells me where to go.  He runs a TV station called WilburToob where he picks music videos relating to the festival for you to enjoy. Click the WTF IS WILBUR????  to find out more.

Everything else should be self explanatory. I think.

Don’t hesitate to email me if this relationship isn’t quite working out for you, but you want to try. I’m at

Rock on \m/



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