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Drum n’ Bass/Heavy Dubstep

Zeds Dead – Borgore – Datsik – Mt. Eden – Destructo – Sub Foucus – Flux Pavilion & Doctor P. – Zedd – NOISIA

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When you want to feel your body shake from bass, Coachella’s got you. Datsik, Flux Pavilion and Zeds Dead are some staples in the genre. Mt. Eden puts an ambient like overtone on a lot of tracks but you definitely know when the dubstep hits you.
Flux Pavillion is known for remixing and will be sure to put his dub-like spin on some of your favorite tracks live. He and Doctor P. have teamed up to create their recently released album Circus One, which if your brain doesn’t vibrate while listening to some of their tracks, you are probably made of stone.
Follow the Wilbur- Flux Pavilion and Doctor P.
Listen to “I Can’t Stop”

What’s that you said? Zeds Dead?! But I talked to Zedd yesterday.

Dubstep, Brostep, You-step, I-step. We all steppin’. Whatever the F you want to call it, this multi-toned bass frizzle makes your brain buzz. We’re talkin’ the family of Skrillex, Bassnectar, Datsik, Doctor P, Flux Pavilion, Nero…to name a few. The _step is to electronic what Heavy Metal is to rock– hardcore, dawg.

Zeds Dead

Zeds Dead is two dudes from Toronto- “DC” and “Hooks.” Before they pronounced Zed’s death, they went around calling themselves Mass Productions. Their first single popped with the release of “Rudeboy” (’10). They’ve done a ton of remixing, including Blue Foundation’s “Eyes on Fire” and Dragonette’s “Volcano.”

Listen to- “Rudeboy”

Listen to- “Volcano”



Zedd on the otherhand, is a 23 year old Russian-born-German electro-house/dubstep producer. WTF does that mean? Well, just think of it as slightly more melodic than pure multi-toned brain buzz. The “drops” tend to be _steppy, but similar to traditional house music, the “build” tends to be a rhythmic beat pattern of increasing pitch and tempo. In the end, it all packs a punch.


Listen: “The Legend of Zelda Remix”

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