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What’s that you said? Zeds Dead?! But I talked to Zedd yesterday.

Dubstep, Brostep, You-step, I-step. We all steppin’. Whatever the F you want to call it, this multi-toned bass frizzle makes your brain buzz. We’re talkin’ the family of Skrillex, Bassnectar, Datsik, Doctor P, Flux Pavilion, Nero…to name a few. The _step is to electronic what Heavy Metal is to rock– hardcore, dawg.

Zeds Dead

Zeds Dead is two dudes from Toronto- “DC” and “Hooks.” Before they pronounced Zed’s death, they went around calling themselves Mass Productions. Their first single popped with the release of “Rudeboy” (’10). They’ve done a ton of remixing, including Blue Foundation’s “Eyes on Fire” and Dragonette’s “Volcano.”

Listen to- “Rudeboy”

Listen to- “Volcano”



Zedd on the otherhand, is a 23 year old Russian-born-German electro-house/dubstep producer. WTF does that mean? Well, just think of it as slightly more melodic than pure multi-toned brain buzz. The “drops” tend to be _steppy, but similar to traditional house music, the “build” tends to be a rhythmic beat pattern of increasing pitch and tempo. In the end, it all packs a punch.


Listen: “The Legend of Zelda Remix”

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