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Go out too hard? Here’s your First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit 

Swedish teenage sisters Joanna and Clara Söderberg give off a vibe as if they spawned from the forest dew air with a couple acoustic guitars in-hand and mystically flew onto your fire-lit campground, ready to serenade you into the night.  They began putting their talent on display in ’08 when they covered Fleet Foxes’ “Tiger Mountain Peasant Song” and quickly thereafter came out with their first EP, Drunken Trees on Swedish electronic duo The Knife‘s label, Rabid Records. They’ve since recorded two full length albums- The Big Black & The Blue (’10) and The Lion’s Roar (’12). They’ve gone on to collaborate with Jack White and Bright Eyes. These girls are just starting out and already doing big things with big people and now performing on a big stage in Coachella come April.

Listen to- “Lions Roar”

Listen to- “When I Grow Up”

Listen to- “Hard Believer”

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