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The Black Keys – Gary Clark Jr – Grace Potter and the Nocturnals – Band of Skulls – At the Drive In – The Hives – The Dear Hunter – Suedehead-  Le Butcherettes – Sleeper Agent –  Madness – Pulp – Greg Ginn & Royal We –  Refused – Mazzy Star – Black Lips – Atari Teenage Riot – fIREHOSE – Buzzcocks – Squeeze

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A lot of throwback rock bands are featured at this year’s festival, featuring PulpRefusedGreg Ginn,  Atari Teenage RiotMazzy Star, Madness, James, fIREHOSE, Buzzcocks and Squeeze. The fest also commemorates the reunion of At the Drive In.

There are plenty of new bands that share that good ol’ pure rock sound. Headlining another major festival this year, The Black Keys have made it clear that pure rock and roll still lives in a modern era where electronics are being implemented into just about every top Billboard charting song. They churn out albums at a Rihanna-like pace. Their recently released album El Camino is a unique direction for the band, and it’s got some instant hits such as Gold on the ceiling”, “Little Black Submarines” and “Lonely Boy.”

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This dude can rip it. A 27 year old phenom,  the guy’s stage presence,  bluesy vocals and complete control over his ax will leave you scratchin’ your head about his age. He played at the 2010 Crossroads Guitar Festival (think Eric Clapton, B.B. King, John Mayer, Jeff Beck) and was named Rolling Stone’s “Best Young Gun” in 2011’s “Best of Rock.”

Listen- “Bright Lights”

Follow the Wilbur- Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

This chick has pipes. Grace has won numerous accolades as best female vocalist in numerous categories and last year her band was one of  2011’s must sees on the festival circuit.

Listen- “Paris”


Friday, Whattya say we Reggae?

Tim Armstrong and Jimmy Cliff

Tim Armstrong, formerly of Rancid, is and always will be, a punk-rock icon.  

Not only had he achieved widespread acclaim during his time with Rancid, but he collaborated with Rob Aston and Travis Barker (Blink 182) to form The Transplants in ’99, releasing a self-titled album in ’02. They broke up for a while but recently got back together to create a new album. Tim has contributed to tracks on Boxcar Racer albums and for Bad Religion and Good Charlotte. He’s also worked with Pink and Gwen Stefani.

Alright, so all this punk-talk, WTF is Tim doing in a reggae category?  Well, it just so happens that last year, Tim got together with reggae-master Jimmy Cliff to create an album. Their first single, “Guns of Brixton” you can listen to below. The two couldn’t come from more different backgrounds, and that’s what’s dope. In fact, before getting together in the studio, the two had never met before.

A little bit about Jimmy- He’s as old as your dad, born James Chambers in 1948. He’s the only Jamaican musician to hold the Order of Merit, which is the nation’s highest honor for achievement in the arts and sciences. He’s acted in movies- playing Ivanhoe “Ivan” Martin in The Harder They Come and also appeared in Club Paradise co-starring with Robin Williams and Peter O’Toole. He’s recorded 28 albums from 1968-2012, some of his most popular tracks include “Viet Nam”, “The Harder they Come” and “Many Rivers to Cross.” One of Jimmy’s most famous covers is Johnny Nash’s “I Can See Clearly Now.” Jimmy was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010.

Listen to- “Guns of Brixton”

Listen to- “World is Upside Down”

Listen to- “Into Action”

Time Warp Wednesday

The Buzzcocks

One of modern pop-punk’s forefathers, The Buzzcocks were formed in 1975 by Pete Shelly and Howard Devoto in Manchester, England. They followed in the footsteps of the Sex Pistols, and joined them on tour in 1976. This was a powerful duo because of the influence both of these bands had on the future of punk rock/pop. SOME FACTS: They’ve realeased 18 albums from ’76-2006 plus 6 EPs. They broke up in ’81 and got back together in ’89 and some of their singles include “Why Can’t I touch It?”, “What Do I Get”  “Autonomy”, “Orgasm Addict” and “Fallen in Love.”

Listen “Why Can’t I Touch it?”

Listen- “Orgasm Addict”

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