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Yo Man, what’s your opinion about that band, Neon Indian?

Neon Indian

Alan Palmero, who is the “Neon Indian,” is seriously talented.  As a live act though, I’m not too sure if Wilbur will demand that we follow him to their stage.  They use a lot of synths and sampled loops in their tunes and musically, I’m not sure how different their live sets have been from their recordings. On stage they play with a drummer (Jason Faries), keys/synth/vocals (Leanne Macomber) and usually a guitarist and/or bassist they pick up on tour (correct me if they’ve added a permanent member).  Alan brings a lot of energy as the frontman and many of their songs are fairly ambient in nature, so I am not saying  they need to be headbangin’ on stage, but their sound could be fuller and there could be more action in their performances.

Check out this recent clip of Neon Indian performing “Polish Girl” at the OFF Festival in Poland. There just isn’t much that is going on the stage to distinguish themselves from every other indie synth/pop band. They do travel with a full time lighting dude (Lars Larsen), but I think for Coachella they are going to have to step-up their game by adding more visuals and by bringing more energy to the stage. They could possibly add more musicians to fill out their sound.  Coachella’s the time to make a statement with their performance.  I have love for Neon Indian and am interested in seeing them but must admit they are not at the top of my list.

Watch: “Polish Girl” OFF Festival, Poland

Watch: “Should Have Taken Acid with You” @ MidPoint Indie Festival in Cincinnati


Electronic Rock/Pop/Synth

Wolf Gang – M83 – AWOLNATION – Justice – Dragonette – Neon Indian – Radiohead – The Horrors – Metronomy – Wild Beasts – Miike Snow – Housse de Racket – Gardens & Villa – EMA- Destoyer

Click For Spotify PlaylistClick Here For Electronic Rock/Pop/Synth Playlist

With the ever-growing implementation of electronics into traditional rock formats and pure production from the lab, some of the genre’s most influential artists will be at this year’s event. Radiohead, one of the fathers of this brand, will headlining and goes without saying, should not be missed. It’s been a while since we’ve heard much from Miike Snow, but who won’t love a little “Animal” in the life come festival time? Neon Indian has exploded on the electronic indie scene with their fresh album Era Extrania (there’s an enye in there).


What initially began as a solo project from Aaron Bruno, the bands previously “struggling” frontman, the album was written as a representation of the frustration he was going through personally and through his music career. AWOLNATION has earned itself a reputation for its high-energy, original, get-your-rage-on performances. “Sail”, one of the bands hit tracks, has cracked the top 10 numerous times in the U.S. Modern Rock Charts.

Listen- “Guilty Filthy Soul”


Follow the Wilbur- Justice

Not that these dudes need any introduction but their new album kicks arsenal with a heavier focus on Rock. Their DJs sets are second to none as well.

Listen- New Lands

Follow the Wilbur- M83

M83, AKA Anthony Gonzalez’s latest double-disk album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming lived up to its hype after we got teased with the single “Midnight City.”

Listen- Raconte-Moi Une Histoire

Thursday, The Rapture is Upon Us

The Rapture

New York City based Indie-rock electronic-disco flavor-charged The Rapture is one of the pioneers in making your feet move in the post-punk era. The band formed back in ’98 and shortly after released the 6 song EP Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks. They have 3 full length studio albums including Echoes (’03), Pieces of the People We Love (’06) and In the Grace of Your Love (’11).

They are signed to DFA Records founded by LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy. They’ve toured with the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Daft Punk, Mogwai and The Cure. You can compare their sound to Datarock and !!! and they are similar, however a little less “synthie” than LCD Soundsystem, Holy Ghost! and Is Tropical. Their Album Echoes was runner up to The White Stripes for 2003’s Album of the Year by Pitchfork.

Current members of the band- Luke Jenner (vocals, guitar), Vito Roccoforte (drums) and Gabriel Andruzzi (keys, sax, bass and vocals).

Listen- “How Deep is Your Love”

Listen- “No Sex For Ben”

Wednesday We Rockin’ it UK Style

Glastonbury, Oxygen, Isle of Wright…pick your UK festival and these guys would be featured bands. In 2010, Kasabian won Q’s “Best Act in the World Today” award. Noel Gallagher shows to the world that his half of Oasis is alive and well. The Horrors new album Skying has reached #5 in the UK chart. They’re all worthy of being seen at Coachella. A common element between all of these groups is the prevalent use of electronics and effects into their sound.


In 2010, Kasabian won Q’s “Best Act in the World Today” award. The band has  4 studio albums and a number of EPs dating back to ’97- Kasabian (Self Titled) ’04, Empire ’06, West Ryder Pawper Lunatic Asylum ’09 and Velocipator! ’11. Their most recent album, Velocipator!  was produced by Dan the Automator. It is interesting to see a mainly hip-hop guy produce a rock based album but by golly it worked. West Ryder Pawper Lunatic Asylum reached #1 in the UK chart in April ’09 and won Best Album ’09 at the Q Awards. 

Debut Album (self titled) ’04 Listen to- “Club Foot”

West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylym- Listen To- Fire 

 The Horrors

3 studio Albums- Strange House(’08), Primary Colours (’09) and Skying (’11), basically, they’ve been busy. Their third album and most accolated, Skying marks a clear transition from a post-punk style to a electronic shoegaze/floaty rock.

Listen- “Still Life”

Noel Gallagher

Oasis giant shows that he can continue to innovate and create great records. High Flying Birds was released in October of ’11. Noel brought in Oasis producer Dave Sardy and keyboardist Mike Rowe and Lemon trees percussionists Jeremy Stacey and Lenny Castro. The band name was created to pay homage to Fleetwood Mac’s first album and Jefferson Airplane.

 Listen- “AKA…What a Life”

Sunday, We Reminisce

About the old days: Calvin Harris

Well, 2009 might not  necessarily  be “back in the day,” but in terms of the Scotsman’s music, the transition is as apparent as  night and day.  Producing electronic based tracks since the late ’90s, what started as traditional album production and live performances with a band, Calvin’s shows now mainly consist of some decks and a laptop. That is not to put down the electronic genius, it is just testament to the fact that DJs and house music have taken over the word. What at first were electro-pop tracks like “Colours,” now are full blown house tracks like “Awooga” and collaborations with stars like Rihanna on “We Found Love.” Calvin’s got the skills to do whatever he wants and if he keeps collaborating with artists, can achieve Guetta-like status. Maybe Calvin will surprise us with a vintage-type performance?

Watch- “Colours” 2009 Oxygen Festival – Ireland

Miike Snow, SBTRKT Release Tracks

The Swedish trio busts out a new jam called “Paddling Out” while SBTRKT officially shows to the world a masterpiece he put together back in ’09 which had been leaking around the internet. Hope you’ve got good headphones.

Miike Snow – Listen- “Paddling Out”

 Sbtrkt- Listen to – Atomic Peace

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