Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

Neon Indian

Alan Palmero, who is the “Neon Indian,” is seriously talented.  As a live act though, I’m not too sure if Wilbur will demand that we follow him to their stage.  They use a lot of synths and sampled loops in their tunes and musically, I’m not sure how different their live sets have been from their recordings. On stage they play with a drummer (Jason Faries), keys/synth/vocals (Leanne Macomber) and usually a guitarist and/or bassist they pick up on tour (correct me if they’ve added a permanent member).  Alan brings a lot of energy as the frontman and many of their songs are fairly ambient in nature, so I am not saying  they need to be headbangin’ on stage, but their sound could be fuller and there could be more action in their performances.

Check out this recent clip of Neon Indian performing “Polish Girl” at the OFF Festival in Poland. There just isn’t much that is going on the stage to distinguish themselves from every other indie synth/pop band. They do travel with a full time lighting dude (Lars Larsen), but I think for Coachella they are going to have to step-up their game by adding more visuals and by bringing more energy to the stage. They could possibly add more musicians to fill out their sound.  Coachella’s the time to make a statement with their performance.  I have love for Neon Indian and am interested in seeing them but must admit they are not at the top of my list.

Watch: “Polish Girl” OFF Festival, Poland

Watch: “Should Have Taken Acid with You” @ MidPoint Indie Festival in Cincinnati


Comments on: "Yo Man, what’s your opinion about that band, Neon Indian?" (2)

  1. I’m pretty stoked for Neon Indian, although I do agree you bring up some great points on his ability to transfer his sound live. I really like how he has an actual band and not just DJ’s which is one of the biggest reasons I think he’ll have a good show. The video can’t really capture the intensity, but I’m really hoping he kills it at the polo fields. I’ve missed him too many times locally, so I’m going to make a point to see him this year!

    • I was thinking about you when I wrote this, as I remember we breifly commented about them. Two different animals with DJs and electro bands, especially ones that implement ambient overtones like Neon Indian does. DJs are able to bring incredible energy because of the high BPMs but as a band, Neon Indian is going to have to fill out their sound and put people in another world. If they can do that, it will be an experience!

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