Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival


Or, “Tuesdays with the DEVIL.” WU LYF is short for World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation. Yea, that’s right- these dudes are a bunch of devil worshippers. Cover your eyes, plug your ears and run as fast as you can back to Mommy’s house.

This Manchester, England based bunch has been flying under the radar since 2008. They refuse interviews, they won’t work with record labels and they speak in a made-up language on a lot of their tracks. They are under-cover, incognito spies from the underworld. And their tunes are dope. Describing their style as “heavy pop,” the tracks are deep, melodic, jammy and they love crash cymbals. Really not the satanic stuff you might have been expecting. Basically, like Wilbur, they are a bunch of jokesters. You can’t trust them.

BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe named the song “Dirt” the “Hottest Track in the World.” Their debut album Go Tell Fire To the Mountain was released in June ’11.  More info: Enjoy.

Listen to- “We Bros”

Listen- “Dirt”

Listen- “Heavy Pop”


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