Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

About the old days: Calvin Harris

Well, 2009 might not  necessarily  be “back in the day,” but in terms of the Scotsman’s music, the transition is as apparent as  night and day.  Producing electronic based tracks since the late ’90s, what started as traditional album production and live performances with a band, Calvin’s shows now mainly consist of some decks and a laptop. That is not to put down the electronic genius, it is just testament to the fact that DJs and house music have taken over the word. What at first were electro-pop tracks like “Colours,” now are full blown house tracks like “Awooga” and collaborations with stars like Rihanna on “We Found Love.” Calvin’s got the skills to do whatever he wants and if he keeps collaborating with artists, can achieve Guetta-like status. Maybe Calvin will surprise us with a vintage-type performance?

Watch- “Colours” 2009 Oxygen Festival – Ireland


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  1. G, you’re comment about his shows’ being nothing more than some decks and a laptop is correct. I saw Calvin last Friday night. The set was relatively short, and it lacked some of the excitement of other house shows. The music was good, but I was expecting a little bit more in terms of lights and effects. Hopefully he’ll step up his stage presence for Coachella.

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